My weekend in Pictures


I ran THIS this weekend with Aaron. Because I talked him into it. And apparently, I don’t have any sense.

I would like y’all to know that there were Trojan fans manning the red and yellow powder. And they strategically made sure I was crimson and gold from head to toe. At least until I got to the green. I also took blue powder right to the face. Sidenote: I’m pretty sure they were getting a kick out of those face shots.

Still though. I had a good time.

Even though it was the rockiest trail in the history of rocky trails.

And my uterus was trying to fall out.

And I was maybe not quite HUNG OVER, BUT. Some asshole let me come to her house and hang out until almost midnight, while drinking up her Jamesons.

Let’s just call it TIRED.

I also hugged Erin, after our dash because I totally forgot she was being interviewed for a magazine. Luckily she loves me. And Aaron had already hugged her on the other side, so at least this way she was even. No?

ANYWAYS, fun times had by all. I definitely give this weekend two thumbs WAY up.

Ask me no questions

I have a firm policy on advice: I don’t give it, unless you ask for it.

I will sit quietly with my unpopular opinion because ain’t nobody ask me.

I don’t often point out people’s faults. Ok, well…maybe not to their faces. Because anybody who knows me knows I will send you stealthy pictures of random people and their absolutely horrifying fashion choices. But if you ask me “What is my problem?” And then I tell you, DON’T GET MAD AT ME.


*I* know what my faults are: I have general jackassy behavior, I’m stubborn, I can be lazy about things that I don’t really want to do to begin with…Wait. We’re not talking about me right now. We’re talking about you. *YOU* can’t see your faults, because to you they’re not faults. BUT TO EVERYONE ELSE, YOU DO THAT THING THAT GETS ON EVERYBODY’S NERVES. And while I deal with it because I love you, it is definitely a thing that is not winning you any personality contests.

If you ask, AND if I actually told you, you should consider than I told you because YOU NEEDED TO KNOW. Because DAMNIT that personality flaw is irritating as fuck, and maybe you needed somebody to point it out to you because CLEARLY you don’t (want) see it, BUT if you had to ask, then YOU KNOW THERE’S SOMETHING.

Which, you know…may be the reason I went ahead and was honest (in a nice way for a change, and not my usual brutal honesty which it generally way more painful than it needs to be <— see? another one of my character flaws), and told you in a way that wouldn’t completely destroy you, instead of fluffing your ego in that way that girls will do to their friends by telling you, “Girl, you know bitches be tripping.”

Because sometimes it ain’t the bitches that be tripping. IT’S YOU. And sometimes, somebody needs to tell you.

That’s REAL friendship. Keeping in real even when you don’t want to.

Happy Birthday!

I don’t even remember when we met, really. You were one of the first bloggers/ twitterers that I met though. I think.

I remember thinking that I liked you. That you were genuine, honest,  ridiculous, and ballsy (and pocket sized. How can someone so small be SO MUCH?! ‘Cause girl, you know you are TOO MUCH.)

It’s like I’ve always known you.

You became a friend I could count on. Not to mention a friend who received late night drunk texts of my ridiculousness, and random pictures.

It was a natural progression to being my #booyahroomie for BlogHer in 2010. (“No, it’s fine. We don’t need anybody to clean our room. Can we get some towels please?”) Also? Can’t wait for BlogHer2012, it’s going to be rad, I’m sure.

I know that you REALLY DON’T want a big fuss for your birthday. So I’m not buying you a gift. In fact, we went out yesterday to celebrate ME (post forthcoming).

So, I’m just going to say Happy Birthday, girl friend. And here’s to many more (birthdays, jagerbombs, shopping trips, drunk texts….).