When the bikini is on the other butt

Not too long ago, I went shopping with my sissie.

Seems that auntie’s baby needed a bathing suit. And my niece will NEVER be a member of the itty bitty titty committee. Which is causing my sis a little bit of stress because “OMG, SHE WANTS A BIKINI AND I JUST WANT TO PUT HER IN A BURQA AND BE DONE WITH IT”

And by burqa, she meant a one piece. But she probably really meant a burqa

Actually, I won’t lie on her. She seemed to be okay with monokinis too.

We went to Old Navy because:

1. They were having a sale

2. They have really cute bathing suits (I know, I just bought TWO there)

3. I had to return some shorts for the Brat (wrong size. TOO BIG. GAH)

Sissie: How about this one? *holds up monokini*

Auntie’s baby: I don’t like it.

Me: How about this tankini over here?

You can always count on me to be super helpful, y’all.

Basically, my niece and I did some bathing suit shopping, while my sissie made sure I didn’t suggest anything too outrageous. She tried on a bunch of bathing suits and we chose a very cute, VERY APPROPRIATE orange tankini with some boycut bottoms. Sidenote: I am also very much a fan of boy-short bottoms. I don’t feel so exposed. Which is sort of ridiculous, when I’m practically naked from the navel up, but there you go. LOVE the boycut shorts.

And as my niece was changing back into her clothes, my sissie says:

WHY didn’t you talk her into a one piece?

Me: She’s 15. She wanted a bikini. I think it’s a pretty good compromise.

Sissie: But…


Sissie: …

Yeah. Welcome to my world. I don’t like it here either.

Just when you think she ISN’T like me, she proves she is

This is my sissie y’all.

She’s cute, right?

Anyways, she is known as the more RESPONSIBLE of the two of us. And less apt to say ridiculous things.  BUT, every once in a while she does something to prove that we are related.

So on the way back from Vegas, we stopped at Alien Fresh. Because, OF COURSE WE DID.

And they had this:

Yeah, I am NOT going to purchase an empty jerky bag that says invisible.

Sissie’s BoyToy: So you’re not getting any invisible jerky?

Me: No. Tasted weird.


Sissie: ..? They have invisible jerky? I didn’t see that over by the tasters. Do you have to get that up front?

Me: ::turns around and looks at her::

Me: *blink*

Sissie: …OH.


EVERYONE: ::turns to stare::

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one saying ridiculous things.