The airport is never NOT a pain in my ass

I love to travel, but I’m not going to lie… the airport is a huge pain.

Because of people. People coming, people going. People dropping off other people. People who are just standing around lost and are always standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU, so that you can’t get to where you’re going. I just..PEOPLE.

So this weekend I went to go visit The Boy and his new girlfriend. Quick trip as he’s pretty close by air. It was fun! I even got to lunch with Grace! And Julia! And various other people connected to those two. I love that my friends and family are close-ish. Because I don’t see some of them not NEARLY enough.

Anyways. The trip home was sort of a mess. Our flight was (of course) delayed. But luckily not for HOURS, just 30 minutes or so. So just enough time for us to get comfortable with being late, but not so late that I’m actively raging against Southwest. Sidenote: I built in delay time when I booked with Southwest because I can never NOT be delayed when I fly Southwest. Or at least, not trips that I’ve taken in the last year or so. Our flight was also COMPLETELY FULL. And then because nobody wants to check a bag I had to check my carryon. Which meant that when I got to LAX, I was gonna have to go to baggage claim. Which, GAH. THIS IS WHY I HAVE A CARRYON, SO THAT I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO BAGGAGE CLAIM.

So I was already irritated because PEOPLE. And traveling. And just dealing with people traveling. I finally get my bag, collect The Man and start walking over to the elevator because we parked there. And then a couple of guys apparently took an issue with me walking in front of them and instead of just letting me mind my business said, “UH. EXCUSE YOU”, like we don’t all hate being at the airport with all of these people and everyone’s nerves aren’t already frayed because SHEESH.

And so instead of ignoring it like I may have normally, because who has time to acknowledge every dickish thing people say, I walk back over and say


I think people forget that just because I’m just randomly walking looking I guess, more or less unassuming I will not act a fool in public. But I most certainly will. And I bet you the next time they decide to snap on a random black girl minding her own damn business, they will think twice.

Because you really can’t be a sassy black girl better than a sassy black girl.