Happy Birthday!

I don’t even remember when we met, really. You were one of the first bloggers/ twitterers that I met though. I think.

I remember thinking that I liked you. That you were genuine, honest,  ridiculous, and ballsy (and pocket sized. How can someone so small be SO MUCH?! ‘Cause girl, you know you are TOO MUCH.)

It’s like I’ve always known you.

You became a friend I could count on. Not to mention a friend who received late night drunk texts of my ridiculousness, and random pictures.

It was a natural progression to being my #booyahroomie for BlogHer in 2010. (“No, it’s fine. We don’t need anybody to clean our room. Can we get some towels please?”) Also? Can’t wait for BlogHer2012, it’s going to be rad, I’m sure.

I know that you REALLY DON’T want a big fuss for your birthday. So I’m not buying you a gift. In fact, we went out yesterday to celebrate ME (post forthcoming).

So, I’m just going to say Happy Birthday, girl friend. And here’s to many more (birthdays, jagerbombs, shopping trips, drunk texts….).


So I have an iPhone. I wouldn’t say that I am guzzling the kool-aid, but taking cautious sips.

I don’t LOVE it. I loved my droid. But, we were having an issue that I just couldn’t resolve, so I decided to test the waters with an iPhone. I don’t hate it.

It’s taking some adjustment, let’s say.

Like for instance, this particular phone always wants to be on whatever local wireless connection that’s available. It’s kind of weird that I get these random pop-ups suggesting different wireless connections. Usually I just cancel it out, because OBVIOUSLY: No.

 But this one particular time it happened, I was sending a text to The Man and one network caught my eye. My assumption is that before this, his network must not have been password protected.

I’m not sure if the opportunity to see this is a PLUS or a MINUS for iPhone.