It’s Drawsome!

I know. Corny. And yet still. I kinda love this game.

I have a tendency to wait on the newest “fun” game, because DAMMIT Y’ALL, I have WORK, and SCHOOL, and #TRAININGDAY, and you know…LIFE. I don’t need another time suck. I’ve got plenty.

But. One of my friends sent me the picture that her husband drew for Rihanna. And after I stopped laughing, I signed up. I’m playing a significant amount of games. And I’m laughing hysterically at renderings of words like Raekwon, and marriage, and VEGAS (*cough* Grace is a fantastical artist. For reals)

It has also taught me that my friends are at least as ridiculous as I am, and know me well. AND? That they approach problems from VERY different directions:

From @sistuhgurl

From @mom2jazz


Very much related: God, I love my friends.




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