Bet you didn’t think my first post on my new blog was going to be this, did you?

So this weekend, I went to my aunt’s for a surprise party. She turned 70 on Saturday. (sidenote: I’m not sure that I would want to surprise a 70 year old woman with a heart condition, but at least she didn’t have a heart attack?)

It was good times, y’all. We sat outside and ate fried chicken and drank beer (Sometimes, the stereotypes find ME, y’all). And there was cake. Yummy delicious, sugar filled cake. Which I normally wouldn’t mention, but diabetes runs rampant in black families, y’all. MINE ESPECIALLY. And usually, the people whose diet has no such restrictions (aka ME) get the short end of the stick at these functions. Sugar > sugar substitute. Any day of the week.

And there were gifts. Lots of them. I didn’t stick around for the gift opening portion of the program because a) I hate watching people open gifts and,  b) I didn’t get anything because I had to get there early to help my cousin with the set up, thus cutting into my last-minute gift buying time. Bonus: Because my gift is already late, I have time to do some leisurely shopping, instead of frantic “OMG! I have 30 minutes to buy God only knows what” shopping.

But I kinda wish I *had* stuck around. Because I totally wanted to know what THIS gift was:

Sense of Humor. Old people haz it.

7 responses to “Bet you didn’t think my first post on my new blog was going to be this, did you?

  1. Welcome to WP! Now maybe you’ll know who the hell I am when I comment. I don’t think there’s anything in that bag. I think the bag is the gift. At least that’s how I’d do it.

    • AND? I can finally comment on the m’fing comments. Blogger is quite the pain about that.

      I’m going to ask what was in the bag. Because it’s killing me, although… I’d probably gift the bag too. *snort*

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